Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Luke's Walking

As of February 19, 2015, my 13 month old baby, Luke, has finally taken to walking.  He is super cute with his walk.  I love this kid!

Honda Pilot

On February 7th, Brett and I found a great deal on a 2013 Honda Pilot that only had 20,400 miles on it.  Pretty much brand new with a great price, we definitely could not pass this up.  Plus, earlier in the week, my Ford 500 was beginning to make some really interesting sounds.  It was essentially on it's last legs and was not worth the money for all the repairs.  We were able to trade in our 500 and then buy the Honda Pilot.  I am super happy with my car and this is exactly what I wanted.  We had been talking about a bigger car since we found out we were having Luke back in 2013, but it just wasn't right.  The Pilot sits 8 and has a third row option, so  I it will last a long time as our family grows.

Goodbye Ford 500

Lots of miles besides dying

Brett, Luke, and Jason (our sales guy)

Proud owners of our new Honda Pilot

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


In October, I was hired to teach Zumba at our YMCA branch here in Pooler/Savannah.  I have made some fantastic friends through the Y! I hate to admit it, but Savannah is starting to become home.  Anyway, my boss Jenni told me about LaBlast and said I would love it since I was a dancer.  Boy was she right!

On January 12th, Louis Van Amstel (from Dancing with the Stars and the creator of LaBlast), came to Savannah to teach a master class and then the training. For those of you who do not know what LaBlast is, it is a dance fitness program that is based on what you see on Dancing with the Stars,  It is also partner free and can be done to any genre of music.  In training 1 & 2, we were certified in Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Jive, Paso Doble, Disco, Samba, and the Hustle.  This format of dance fitness is fantastic and if you have a dance background it's a dream come true in the dance fitness world.  I love Louis's motto, "If you can clap it, then you can dance it."

Obviously,I absolutely loved it and I even loved it more than Zumba (oops, I feel bad saying that).  If you ever have a chance, take a class, or come to Savannah and take a class from me.

With Louis Van Amstel

My training buddies!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Luke Turns 1!!!

2014 was seriously one of my favorite years.  January 3rd began with a big change for me because I became a mommy to such a wonderful baby, Luke.  Now a year later, I see my baby boy turn one and can't help but shed a few tears.  This sounds so cliche, but I have learned a lot and feel very blessed and am grateful to my Heavenly Father for Luke.  Every day I tell him thank you!

Luke is a very active and busy boy.  He gets into everything and continues to be very curious of his surroundings. Luke likes to observe and then act. Luke is not walking, but he has been becoming more confident and holding onto things with one hand. He says a couple of words, but for the most part he babbles and babbles all the time.  He has such a sweet little personality and disposition about him.  Of course, he does let the occasional temper tantrum come out and boy is he stubborn when it does. He loves mommy and daddy, but is still quite the mamma's boy.  He gives kisses and hugs.  He loves to brush his teeth and brush his hair.  We still think that this kid will be an engineer or surgeon since he has always been very articulate with his hands.

Brett and I love this sweet boy so much! I am sad he is not my newborn anymore, but I am thrilled and excited for what awaits him. Happy 1st Birthday, Luke! xoxoxo

January 3, 2015

Christmas, New Year's, and Luke's 1st Birthday Party!

 We flew home to California for the Christmas break.  It was wonderful to be with the Campbell and Carpenter side again.  We had a lot of fun of eating at our favorite restaurants, seeing family and friends, Christmas, Disneyland, and celebrating Luke's 1st birthday a couple of weeks early.  

Luke's selfie

Plane selfie

I love this picture of Luke looking out the plane window.
I always wonder what's going on in that mind of his.

Campbell Family 2014

Getting balloons ready for the party

Mustache and Dinosaur Theme

Eating a snap pea with Cha Cha Dave

Costco does it again!  I love you Costco!

I love this family photo to celebrate our little guy
Dec. 21, 2014

Very cautious, but he loved the cake

The night before we went to Disneyland, Luke did not want to sleep. 
Hello, 5 A.M!

I'm a stink, but am cute

We went to Disneyland two days after the measles outbreak (we didn't know at the time).  I believe the Lord was looking out for us because Luke did not catch anything and was two weeks away from getting his MMR shot!

All smiles and then he fell asleep on Peter Pan

That's the Abominable Snowman!

Enjoyed the first 5 minutes of the Jungle Cruise and then fell asleep again

We were laughing because Luke could not stay up for any ride.
Slept through the Haunted Mansion

I love my Daddy!



Careesa and Winston

Christmas Eve

Winston made me miss my kitties

Cute little Brett

Wookie slippers

Roxy and Max